Floriade, Keukenhof 
and Amsterdam 2002

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Day 4 Floriade
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After breakfast the next day, we set off to Floriade …. The Floriade is the word horticultural exhibition in the Netherlands. It is held once every ten years – the event in 2002 will be the fifth.

It showcases every aspect of Dutch horticulture, from vegetables and fruit to mushrooms, from bulbs, flowers and plants to trees, bushes and shrubs. There were 300 displays and presentation in the 65 hectare park, among them a fantastic valley of flowers with more than a million bulbs. This is represented in the pictures of the words ‘Feel The Art Of Nature” that you see.

It was separated into three distinct areas, - Near the Roof, by the Hill and on the Lake. Each section had its own character and atmosphere. I enjoyed walking around and seeing what the country displays had, and I especially enjoyed going through the huge glass roofed area that sheltered an amazing indoor landscape. The roof measured 100 by 278 metres and was covered with more than 19,000 solar panels. With almost 30,000 square metres of exhibition space, it truly was the high point of my visit. You will see pictures of some of the material that was inside this building … very, very impressive.

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Hope you enjoyed this tour and I look forward to seeing you on one of our future tours ... Donna

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