Chelsea Flower Show



May 24 Wisley
May 25 V & A Museum
May 26 Emmetts, Chartwell and Ightham Mote.
May 27 Chelsea
May 28 Savill Garden in Windsor Great Park
May 29 Kensington Palace grounds
May 30 Scotney Castle & Sissinghurst


May 28th was our day out in Windsor. We all had free time here to either visit Windsor Castle, do a bit of shopping as Windsor is wonderful for that, or walk down to Eton College. I choose this time to wander around for a while, then take the boat trip from Windsor to Boveney. This gives you a different perspective on the castle as well as it's a great way to see what lies beyond Windsor a bit. It takes you past the Royal Windsor Racecourse and past a lockhouse where you can see the salmon ladder. A very nice and relaxing start to the day. I had fun taking a picture of the goose you see here, trying to make sure she didn't get bitten while posing for it. Some pictures of wonderful Windsor, such a great place to just walk. I am taking a picture of a door (see a bit of me in the window next to it.I wanted to show you how short this door was!

Then at 2 p.m. we all met and drove over to Savill Garden in Windsor Great Park. What a treat that was. A gorgeous garden that envelopes you in fragrance and peace.



  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row