1pt.gif (86 bytes)Sezincote - a wonderful example of Hindu and Muslim detail in a house and garden and truly quite a change from what we have been seeing. The interior of the house remains classical, Greek revival, and is lived in by the current owners. It is so totally different as you can see by the picture of the house, the orangery is the long arm and I have included a couple of pictures of the orangery as well as an archway looking outside from the bench inside. It was so heavily perfumed by jasmine and other flowering plants. The other picture of the inside urn with hanging lamp is at the far end entrance from the house.
1pt.gif (86 bytes)Humphry Repton was consulted on this garden and it is not known how much input he did have on it. One of the bulls from the bridge is shown here. They are Nandi, or the happy one, Shiva's favourite. 

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