Gloucester Cathedral

1pt.gif (86 bytes)We stopped in Broadway and in Chipping Camden and also Glouchester Cathedral - the setting for the Harry Potter movie and where King Edward II is buried. A beautiful Cathedral over 1300 years old, with a long and very interesting history. I have included three pictures, but the most interesting picture here is that of the seat. Now you might not know that this is a seat, the back is what you see with the embroidery on it and the part that you sit on is in the upright position so you can see the artwork. There is a story about each one of these seats ... they were all done by craftsmen, who could do anything they wanted because they were not seen so some of them have some very unusual 'pictures' on them. Here are two knights fighting.

chel2001gloutc1.jpg (97456 bytes)

chel2001gloutc2.jpg (128752 bytes)

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