Powis Castle


Perched on a rock above the late 17th century garden terraces, embellished with lead statues and urns, this medieval castle contains the finest country house collection in Wales. Terracotta pots are placed on the balustrades and niches, showing great imagination in their planting.

Powis Castle has a long recorded history, built by the Princes of Powis, it was inhabited by them until William III's reign when he gave the castle to his favourite, the Earl of Rochford.

If the view from the terraces outwards is magnificent, then the view back towards the castle is unparalleled. The whole majesty of castle and terraces is before us!

The first picture if of the gates that are based on those which once stood outside the family's London home, Powis House. You don't even realize where the Castle is at this point and then all of a sudden there it is! Very imposing in its day…and the gardens are truly magnificent. On three levels, there is always something new to discover with the formal garden being quite a distance away from the rest. What struck me were the 'cloud' hedges. I had seen some in the Cotswolds and was enthralled with them.

Again, you will see a picture of a bench that I fancied…

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