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Pictures of Group and Hilda and Mark and Hotels we stayed at….

Our third Annual Tour was a success! Check out our day by day pictorial tour!

2000wisley2_tb.jpg (6798 bytes)Wisley

This was the third time I had been to Wisley and the wonderful thing about this garden, is that there is always something to see! See the previous two tours for more pictures of this beautiful garden.


2000stratford1_tb.jpg (6048 bytes)Stratford Upon Avon

This was a beautiful village where we got time to shop and have a bite to eat…I am here in front of Shakespeare's house. You can go in and look around, plus see the garden out back.


2000king2_tb.jpg (4533 bytes)King's Stone

The Rollright Stones and the King Stone. Hilda told us to stand in the center of the circle, be still and before you knew it, you would start swaying…it happened to the ones who stood there!, but most of us just wandered around and took pictures of the mosses that were growing….quite the stone circle!

2000hidcote1_tb.jpg (5698 bytes)Hidcote Manor Garden

One of the most delightful gardens in England, created this century by the great horticulturist Major Lawrence Johnston. A series of small gardens within the whole, separated by walls and hedges of different species, famous for rare shrubs, trees, herbaceous borders, old roses and interesting plant species.

2000barn1_tb.jpg (5077 bytes)Barnsley House

The home of Rosemary Verey…it was interesting to see how her garden compared with that of Christopher Lloyds garden…and there really is no comparison.

2000blen1_tb.jpg (4741 bytes)Blenheim Palace

One of England's largest private houses, Blenheim was built in the Baroque style by Sir John Vanbrugh and is considered his masterpiece.

2000church_tb.jpg (5345 bytes)Church

the Church and grave side where Sir Winston Churchill is buried…surrounding him are his relatives.


2000grave_tb.jpg (5538 bytes)Gravesite





Chelsea 98

Chelsea '2000

How do you just pick some…when there are so many to choose from! I go through this every year and still have the same problem!!

2000pow1_tb.jpg (4799 bytes)Powis Castle

Perched on a rock above the late 17th century garden terraces, embellished with lead statues and urns, this medieval castle contains the finest country house collection in Wales. Terracotta pots are placed on the balustrades and niches, showing great imagination in their planting.


2000fair1_tb.jpg (6289 bytes)Fairfield

John Bourkes award-winning small garden surrounding a Georgian lodge. It is cleverly divided into separate 'rooms' to create a greater impression of size.


2000knock1_tb.jpg (5771 bytes)Knockcree

A wonderfully romantic 2 acre garden set on natural rock and nestled in the foothills of the Dublin mountains. Shirley Beatty has planted a wide selection of rare and unusual plants resulting in a surprise at every turn.


2000dillon1_tb.jpg (6380 bytes)Helen Dillon's Garden

Helen's garden is an oasis in the city. Packed with botanical treasures it is sure to delight! Helen is a celebrated garden writer and plants woman!


2000power1_tb.jpg (4943 bytes)Powerscourt House & Gardens

The garden was begun by Richard Wingfield in the 1740's and stretches out over 45 acres.


2000usher2_tb.jpg (4987 bytes)Mount Usher

The Gardens cover 20 acres and comprise over 5000 different species of plants, most serving as host to a variety of birds and other wildlife.


2000bod1_tb.jpg (4649 bytes)The Garden at Bodnant

This 80 acre garden is one of the finest in the world, situated above the River Conwy and looking across the valley towards the Snowdon range. The garden is in two parts. The upper part around the house consists of the Terrace Garden and the informal lawns shaded by trees. You will see statues, and a lovely William Kent bench.


Hopefully we will have Hilda again with us next year - this will be our fourth tour together, and we are even going to try and have Mark back as coach driver….and maybe we will have you! I have had repeats on the past three tours and know that I will see some of you again…or maybe for the first time…either way … you are welcome to join us as we explore together … the gardens of London and the Cotswolds in 2001 and of course Chelsea!!

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