Churchills Home!! Everyone agreed that this place was so inviting, you could move right in and make this your home...and we absolutely loved the dining was in green and white and faced out onto the rolling landscape and can see the dining room windows here, they are curved tops and covered in ivy....the first two are of the house, the third is of Winston's studio. He discovered painting quite by accident when we was was used as therapy for him. In this building there are over 125 of his paintings on display. The fourth picture is of the lawn and surrounding shrubbery and the last one is my favourite....I was really lucky to have been there when the cat decided it was time to take a rest break. If Churchill's spirit still hovers anywhere in the garden, it is here. For in old age he loved to sit beside the pool in the simple garden chair, painting, or feeding the golden orfe, whose descendents still swim in the tranquil waters of this pool.

A wonderful place to visit, so full of history..the house is just a living memorial..many pieces of sculpture, awards, uniforms, medals, gifts, furniture - just a wonderful place to visit!

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