2003 New England Spring Flower Show
Boston, March 15-23

I thought this year that since I was heading to Toronto to see the Canada Blooms show, that I might as well see if there was anything else on at the same time and I lucked out with having this show run right after Canada Blooms.

This was my first trip to Boston so I have included shots of the show as well as Boston itself. This time of year there was nothing in bud or bloom outside of the show, but I still enjoyed walking around and I have to tell you that the people I met in Boston were some of the most polite I have ever met in my travels. I love gardens and I love history and this city had much to share.

As you know Boston is in the midst of the 'Big Dig' as they like to call it and when all is said and done, this city will have parks running through it with much traffic hidden...all the people I spoke to said that while it was taking a very long time and creating much disruption it was worth it. While I was there I heard that it was now way over budget, but then what isn't!

The New England Garden Show - 'A Garden Journey'

Over the course of the show they expected around 150,000 people to visit. It's a long show and it changes every day with new floral, table, and door displays, plus there is the ever changing that each garden goes through - watering, deadheading and primping. They were there early each morning to make sure it looked great for each new day. It's not only a long show, but the days are long - weekdays from 9 in the morning until 10 at night. Since my room overlooked the conference center I could see the line ups at 9 each morning. There are 3000 members of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. This show has been running for 132 years - the oldest running flower show in the world!

I was lucky to have a press pass that allowed me in before the crowds got too heavy.

This show was great in that it had a lot of azaleas and rhododendrons, many types of heather, and other plants that grow here in this area. I also enjoyed the gardens that had some very nice water features, one that in fact was quite a waterfall. What struck me was the display of Biosculpture! Also of interest in a garden show were the events they had included for children - the future gardeners. They had a poster contest, children's tours and a children's exhibit.

This year they had lectures and demonstrations running through out the show.

The Bridal bouquet in the picture is a replica of what Jacqueline Bouvier carried when she wed John Fitzgerald Kennedy in celebration of the Golden Anniversary of September 12th, 1953. I have a couple of pictures as well of the new rose Hot Cocoa that is shown with the white urn. Many wonderful little garden tidbits to remember.

Mosaiculture International Montreal was the only Canadian exhibit there. Their garden featured the Phoenix.

I have to admit I wasn't that struck on the 'flower beds' because they kind of reminded me of mini coffins, but again, that was my take on them...I really enjoyed the floral displays and the table displays and thought that the door displays were really unique and something we should think more about doing where we live.

Many awards, many gardens, many, many vendors in the marketplace - that is where I discovered those Quark Clogs I spoke about in my March newsletter. I could only take home so much in my suitcase...!

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  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row