Wales Fam 2011
Sept 8th - 13th, 2011

My trip to Wales was a journey of discovery…as they all are really. I had been before and each time I have seen things I have not seen before along with places I had. It is a country that must be visited.

…. The people were so gracious, the countryside and drive through it was the most serene experience I have had in a long time. There is something different about Wales …. We all felt that. Thanks to Visit Wales, our expert guide and driver …

The trip actually began on the 7th when I boarded my flight …….

Wales – Inspired by Nature, Genuine in Hospitality

That about sums up my trip to Wales –inspirational and genuine. There is a graciousness about the country that was felt everywhere. From the gardens to the hotels you could feel the genuine welcome and it was so hard to leave because of it.

The National flag is green on the bottom and white on the tip and right in the middle sits a red dragon. The Leek and the Daffodil are both national emblems of Wales. The Welsh word for daffodil and leek are the same – Cenhinen for leek and Cenhinen Pedr for daffodil. The harp is regarded as the national instrument of Wales. The triple harp is widely known as the Welsh harp. Ahh, the lovespoons. They are carved from one piece of wood by a young man and presented to his sweetheart as a token of his affection. Now they are decorated with various symbols and presented to people for good luck, prosperity, a new birth, good health.

Wales lies to the west of England and is only 170 miles long and 60 miles wide…and yes, there are more sheep in Wales and there are people!

Click on each of the days to see what we did and read about how much we enjoyed our time here…

Wales 2011 - Top Ten Pictures Chosen by Donna



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