Tulips and History of Turkey Tour 2014
April 14th - 23rd, 2014


April 22. Tuesday. Cappadocia
I was going ballooning…I say this because I am a bit afraid of heights but once in the basket and as we glided into the soft breeze of a very early morning and sunrise I was totally into it. What an experience. One I will remember forever and those with me have such memories too. I know I probably took too many photos too. After this it was back to the hotel for breakfast then we were off to explore the Underground City of Kaymakli. Around the sixth century the Christian inhabitants of this region began to tunnel into the soft volcanic rock of large hills. As deep as two hundred and seventy five feet with eight different levels, several thousand people lived in this subterranean city. It really was amazing to see how they stored food, made wine, kept cattle (just on the first level as it was too narrow to bring them any lower) sheep and goats could go lower. How they got fresh air, made bread, kept oils and made candlewax,

Then another delicious lunch and on we went to a typical Turkish village, Avanos to see the techniques of ceramic art dating from 12th B.C. to 3rd B.C. periods. This area is famous for its red clay and there are many brick factories here as well as roof tile makers. Such fun and one of the gals even donned the garb to make a pot. Once back outside I took a wander over to a very unique grove of grapes growing in volcanic soil. Our last day ended with a cookery class at Lil’a. It is the restaurant of a Relais & Chateaux hotel. Very posh place with a view looking over the valley to forever it seems. After all the prep we all sat down and enjoyed what we had created sitting and going over all the memories we had made while on this tour of discovery. On the way back to the hotel I took some more photos of the never ending landscape of awe inspiring rock formations.

April 23. Wednesday. Cappadocia – Fly from Kayseri Airport and onward home.
This morning we all had a bag breakfast as we had a trip to the airport to make. Once in Kayseri airport we all spread out to catch our flights home. I went back to Istanbul and wow am I glad I did. I got lounge access and I have to say that this has got to be the best lounge I have ever been in. Nice way to end the tour with a latte and baklava. Oh, and I must get a copy of the book ‘Birds Without Wings’ by Louis de Bernieres before my next tour.


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