Tulips and History of Turkey Tour 2014
April 14th - 23rd, 2014


April 18. Friday. Assos - Izmir
In the morning before leaving I snuck out to take some photos – last night we were all so tired we just ate and went to bed. The evil eye protects a lot of people and is on just about every building you see, even hanging in trees. It comes from sailing history where they painted these on boats to protect the fishermen. The blue eye was the colour of invaders eyes. I loved the stone walls covered in plants, geraniums tucked in stone pots and plastic pots…any pot will do. That incredible shade of blue on doors and windows, seashells used to cover floors, walls and furniture. The hazy photo is an actual photo through the window of our coach of a pair of storks by the water …it looks like a watercolour and is one of my favourites. Olive trees, pistachio trees all trimmed very short to make picking easier. Pine nut groves too with their trees pruned for ease of picking. We saw a salt flat as well but it was for industrial use. This is a huge strawberry growing area. They are grown in greenhouses.

On our way to Pergamum we spotted a fruit stand and made a stop to pick up some fresh strawberries. This farm grows artichokes as well as a winter crop…and yes, even here you will find gnomes. Then it was lunch and just look at the delicious food we had. Right out of the stone oven too.

Pergamum, once ruled by Alexander the Great. Famous for the parchment paper, Pergamum had a library containing two hundred thousand books. Enjoy seeing the splendid Acropolis with the Altar of Zeus and the ten thousand-seat Amphitheatre. We got into the gondola and rode it to the top…good thing as walking would have done a lot of us in. Hugely windy but still worth it, what an experience. I had never seen a theatre with that much pitch to it before…a magnificent site. What I also loved was the pottery made out of gourds. Wish I would have had the time to buy some but we could not find the person selling them and we had to leave…perhaps next time.


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