October 19 - 25, 2004 SIW

Our next stop is Ljubljana (the ā€˜jā€™ is not pronounced) to check into our hotel called the Domina Grand Media, a hotel just opened this past summer and boasts being the most advanced high tech hotel in the world. I saw this also in HK at our hotel but must admit, I can do more at this hotel. They offer free phone calls to anyone in the world here, so I tried it out by calling Tom and my parents.
October 24
Our tour started out at the Obelisk commemorating the old Roman and then medieval city. There is a roman wall that still remains. LBJ is first mentioned in the 12th century. Our guide took us through parts of medieval LBJ. Cool at first but then it warmed up and walking around the Sunday morning was great with the sun shining. We ended up back at the City Museum where they had prepared a very full pita for us to munch on before we boarded the coach again to Bled and Lake Bohinj. The countryside is magnificent in autumn colours and I was taken with the fact that the leaves stay on the trees to turn these colours before falling to the ground to create mats of red under the trees like a carpet. We got to Mount Vogel and the gondola took us up 1535 meters to the glorious view of mountains, valleys and villages. After a hearty lunch of soup and bread I set out to see what plant life I could find. This is where I was likely to find Edelweiss but none was to be found on this trip. Instead I found all types of ferns, mosses, mushrooms, heathers.
On our way to Lake Bled we stopped at a waterpark called Vodni Park Bohinj.
While many decided to don bathing suits and take in the 30C water I instead walked around this pretty little village called Bohinjska Bistrica. The buildings with the double hayracks are called Toplarji or Toplars and are quite rare now. The other toplar is traditional for this region and has a picture on it of St. Florian, patrol saint of firemen. There was a church here that had a beautiful cemetery ā€“ so colourful with pots of mums, beds of pansies, heathers, shrubs, candles lit. It was a central meeting place and quite busy with people tending to the plots, chatting with each other. The inside of the church was very pretty.
Hotel Golf in Bled looks out onto Lake Bled which is on the edge of Triglav National Park. This is where the Slovenian branch of the Julian Alps is.
The highest peak is Mt Triglav at 2864 metres. It is their only national park. Bled celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 2004 ā€“ since it was first mentioned in the deed of gift from Henry II to Bled and its surroundings on the diocese of Brixen.






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