October 19 - 25, 2004 SIW

October 23
We set off along the coast and the gulf of Trieste past beautiful countryside full of vineyards and valleys to Lipica, home of the world famous Lipizzaner horses. Their home is set in magnificent countryside and seeing them for the first time in the field was a wonderful experience.
Babies are born dark in colour and change as they grow to the white colour – much like we do when we age. They go through much training and after our tour of the stables and oldest part including a beautiful old building with horse stalls and horses, we were treated to a short exhibition of what these horses can do. They are large horses, even the mares, and it was a real treat to pet a few of them in their stalls. They have the most incredible eyes and their noses are so soft. This has been their home since 1580.
Before we left we were treated to some strawberries and champagne in the casino. They also have a hotel here and golf course.
We then stopped in Sezana for lunch at a local Karst Inn. Excellent and filling. I must say they do like to eat in Slovenia and drink cordials for where ever we went; this was a drink that was offered. This time is was wild blueberry.
Then on to Postojna and the world famous Postojnska Jama or Postojna Caves.
We boarded our train and went in 2 kms then got off and walked for about a km and a half through what can only be called a magical world created by nature. Even those of you worried about claustrophobia need not worry.
This cave is massive. It reminded me of a gothic cathedral. Stalagmites and stalactites in the most wondrously created shapes were all around you.
Some huge, some tiny. No words can describe what is here. Water has created masterpieces. Some are matte in finish, others looked like they were a shiny plastic. Many colours too fro white as snow to dark terracotta. Some looked like waving flags, others looked like huge wedding cakes and ice cream cones. I could go on but you must see this if you ever get here. The lights go on and off after each tour goes through to save moss and algae growth. We also got to see a little salamander that lives in the lakes here. It never sees light and its skin is flesh coloured and they don’t have eyes! After this we enjoyed coffee, wine and apple strudel.





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