Legends of the Seas
10 Day October 11th – 21st, 2015


October 9, 2015

We are in Singapore! Flights over were great. I was in BC with United and this time got a different amenity kit which was rather nice. The meal was very good as well, no complaints and Tom was in First with ANA. Needless to say he was spoiled. Even got pajamas to wear which they get to keep. The funny thing was that I would be taking the same plane from Tokyo to Singapore that he took from JFK to Tokyo. We met at Tokyo airport where I sat while his plane came in and then they brought him to me...then we headed off to the First class ANA lounge to sit until our flights to Singapore. The lounge is very nice and Asians know how to take care of guests. I was on ANA this time in BC and Tom was on United in BC….the gals in BC found out it was my 40th Anniversary when I was sitting there waiting for Tom to come in so surprised me in flight…very good service I might add on ANA.

I have stuck in here a photo of Thai Airlines with a double decker seating arrangements on an Airbus 380…I thought pretty darn cool.

We arrived really early the morning of the 9th of October into Changi Airport and from there took a cab to our hotel, the beautiful Shangri-La Singapore. We were staying in the Garden Wing which I have done on two other occasions and I knew it would be loved by both my husband and another couple of friends we would be cruising with. When we walked into our room we were so surprised to see swans and rose petals, flowers and chocolates…We arranged to meet Wayne and Elaine for breakfast at the Waterfall Café and from there decide what we wanted to do that day. We decided to take the hop on hop off bus around town so they could get a bit of the feeling of this city… and outside discovered that October is a huge month for weddings…. then back to the hotel for swims and photographing…the grounds around the hotel are expertly kept up by a gardener who has been with them for 38 years…and this time here, the trees were laden with blooming orchids. Then we got ready to head out to dinner…a special place called Ce La Vi at the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. What makes it so special is that the view is 55 stories up and you can see the harbor, wheel and the Gardens by the Bay from here…stunning views and such delicious food. The problem was is that Indonesia was burning peat and the skies were hazy from it…oh but our meal was so good and the view was wonderful and the four of us has such a great time watching the skies turn to nightfall and the Gardens by the Bay light up. We didn’t want desert, we were just too full from our meal but look what showed up at our table for us…these wonderful deserts! Afterwards we walked through the lobby of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel so I could show them some very large pots, but they looked so small compared to the lobby of the hotel…then outside again from the 4th story to admire the Gardens by the Bay from another angle.

that was the first day!


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