Legends of the Seas
10 Day October 11th – 21st, 2015


October 14th

I had made arrangements for my past guide to meet us at the port when we arriving into Bangkok. Elaine and I would head off with her and our driver to sightsee in Bangkok while the boys were off so Tom could do some diving. Noi had us trying a treat of sticky rice and red beans steamed in bamboo …. yum and another that I forget the name of…along with a rather tasty Starbucks latte. Also picked up lychee juice with aloe vera in it to drink later. First stop was the flower market in Bangkok. I had seen all this before but I wanted Elaine to experience it as it really is something to visit. Seeing all the offerings for the temples made up before your eyes, the incredible prices of flowers, especially the orchids. Just across the street is the veggie market and that was also alive and humming with activity. Such fresh veggies on display too. Then we hopped on a long boat for a bit of a tour through the river and canals…some areas were in pretty rough shape because of the past flooding and it was kind of heartbreaking to see but for the most part it was really interesting, especially seeing so many of them with small gardens and plants. A lot of these areas are extremely high value now so many of the homes are being replaced with condos and apartments. Through Buddha street the photos are tinted as they were taken through the van windows…but at least you can see them. No one can buy any of these as ornaments…they are custom made for families who are Buddist only and each family usually has a company they have dealt with for generations.

Our final stop was to Jim Thompson House to have a bite to eat and admire the gardens and silk shop. Then off to the hotel that we would stay in rather than go back to the ship for the night, the Siam@Siam...a really cool funky place. We would meet the boys later and then dinner and bed as we had a big day tomorrow with more sightseeing…

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