Panama - Atlantic Coast
February 2007

We rented a SUV Prado and took off early in the morning to go through Colon, then to Portobelo for a look at the old fort, then to Isla Grande where we took the boat across to the island and swam. On the way to Portobelo, we took a bit of time to stop and have a cup of coffee (did I say how good the coffee is anywhere here?) and while having our coffee read up on the history of Portobelo. On October 10, 1502, Christopher Columbus arrived on the coast of Veraguas and was mesmerized by the gold jewelry worn by the Indians. Several weeks later, on November 2, the discoverer came upon a beautiful protected bay, which he baptized with the name Portobelo.…the old fort was incredible and full of black vultures. Imagine, built so long ago and still some wooden timbers to show for it. Then we walked around a bit to see the old church, the customs house and then we headed to Isla Grande. Now you must remember that Cricket has never seen sand, nor water in that amount before so we didn’t know how she would react, but as you can see, as soon as she hit the sand she did what all dogs do…dig. When we saw her face it was nothing but sand! On to the little boat and you can see she is right at home. We keep her clipped right down now, easier to see little bugs that may have attached themselves, and it keeps her cooler. As soon as we got off the boat Tom heads for the water and again, Cricket takes to it with a little coaxing. We sure had fun walking around and seeing what the island had to offer. Had lunch at one of the local restaurants and it was filling. On the little boat and back over to our car and home.















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