Northwest Flower & Garden Show
Seattle, WA, 2006

It had been a few years since I had last been to this show…we always seemed to be on holidays when it came up but this year I was able to go and besides being a wonderful respite from winter, it was a very good show.

As you enter the Washington State Convention Center and head towards the show, you can’t help but smell spring in the air with the lilies, hyacinths and jasmine. I enjoyed seeing the historical exhibit called “A Place To Take Root”. The first exhibit of this kind, it featured over 40 historical American pots. Renowned potters Guy Wolff from Connecticut and John Weber of Seattle demonstrated their art live for us to see and it was fascinating to watch a pot come to life before our very eyes. We were in fact watching the beginning of history.

The show people had made a few changes to this year with the hope that it will renew and rejuvenate gardeners as well as educate the new gardeners coming in. The show was called Spring Garden Festival and celebrated Spring and growing with a new area for children called Sproutopia: A Place For Kids – an entire area for children including hands on demonstrations and plenty of activities. Their stage included performances by the Seattle Children’s Theatre and special presentations on gardening, bugs, bats and worms. The library also got together with them to present a daily story time.

There were 24 display gardens set up this year and as you will see from the pictures, all were very nice and offered many ideas to try in your own garden. The other thing that caught my eye in some of the gardens were the lights they used. I saw the most wonderful little mushroom lights that I would love in my own garden. I also loved the light that was blown glass with grapes hanging down. This came from Italy.

The indoors is coming outdoors as was evident by a few of the gardens this year - dining areas set up with candelabra, tablecloths and fine china. A wonderful garden full of colour and a bench in a delicious shade of orange to match the tulips with shots of red thrown in was a stunner. A garden full of dwarf conifers and other very interesting and rare plants also caught my eye as they were displayed not on the ground but on raised garden beds.

New to me was the Sky bridge – you can see the picture I took looking out of the sky bridge heading towards Pike Place. Along the sky bridge they had set up the container garden displays – wonderful displays packed with all kinds of ideas and nearby a harpist was playing and people were sitting and enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

Of course the market was incredible. As you enter it, there is a huge display showing great plant picks for the locals. I am always amazed at what people can create and it seems to me that they have very creative people living in this area. Wonderful garden accessories, like small umbrellas to cover just certain parts of a table, whimsical glass seed holders, funny people made out of all kinds of spare parts that move in the breeze, gorgeous handmade jewelry and clothing, patio tables painted with flowers and sealed so you don’t have to keep a cloth on the table all the time to hide it. Something also new was a fresh flower market – now I don’t know why they hadn’t done this before, because I for one always like to take a fresh bunch of flowers home.

On the 6th floor you found the seminar rooms, educational booths, children’s area and Bonsai and Ikebana.

I was just really impressed with the show this year and I would urge you to see it next year if you haven’t been there lately.







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