Israel FAM 2012
June 12th - 17th - 2012  

Friday June 15th  
(Overnight, Tel Aviv)

This morning as we headed towards Tel Aviv, we stopped in to visit Neot Kedumim, the Biblical Landscape Reserve, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This unique recreation of the physical setting of the Bible in all its depth and detail allows visitors to see life as it was lived by our ancestors 3,000 years ago. More than a "garden" showing various plants, Neot Kedumim embodies the panorama and power of the landscapes which shaped the values of the Bible and provided the rich vocabulary for expressing those values.

Here I enjoyed seeing many of the fruits – grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives. I saw how they processed the wheat and barley, moved the water using the water wheel.

‘In 1924, Ephraim and Hannah Hareuveni presented in writing the idea to establish a "Garden of the Prophets and Sages." They described a garden with plants from the Biblical and Talmudic periods arranged according to sections such as "Plants from the Mishnah" and "Isaiah's Vineyard".

"More than just a historic garden and more than just a collection of plants from the Bible and Talmud, but a garden which will incorporate both together, arranged appropriately, and immersed in the spirit of the prophets and the sages..."

In 1965 Noga Hareuveni fulfills his parents' dream when Neot Kedumim is established. In 1994, the prestigious Israel Prize was awarded to Noga Hareuveni (the founder of Neot Kedumim and son of Ephraim and Hannah Hareuveni) and the staff of Neot Kedumim.

I checked out another hotel that we will be using on the tour, the Dan Panorama – in a very fine location – right across from you is the ocean! I can see lovely strolls along this beach as it is long with all kinds of things to look at along the way. The rooms are lovely, the ambiance of the place is very floral and refined…just another gorgeous place to stay.


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