Incredible Northern India Tour
February 19 – March 2, 2016


February 26th, 2016

Amber Fort with elephant ride, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Brunch at Anokhi and a bit of power shopping. Riding an elephant is a popular thing to do here and it is good to know that the elephants are treated well. They are only riden for a few hours each day so it’s important to get there early if you hope to get a ride. You can see a long lineup and it isn’t even open yet for riding. But thankfully once it starts you don’t have to wait long and there is always something to keep your mind occupied while waiting. All kinds of things being sold and people to watch and just looking around the area – the fort is beautiful and one of my favourites for its unusual decorations and rooms. It is not a smooth ride and really hard to take photos but I did manage to get a few of the group. There is a beautiful garden below on what looks like an island. I don’t believe it is open to the public, at least I have never seen anyone walking around. Once at the top we get off and begin our tour. There is a lovely garden inside the living quarters of the royal families. So many rooms to discover but I think the overall favourite is the room of mirrors. From here we visited the City Palace with its pink and yellow façade where there is today royalty in residence. From there we headed back down a most wonderful street where the Hawa Mahal is – we passed it earlier in the day and stopped for photos. I chuckled at the motor bike stand – just behind it you see outside urinals. Then lunch at Anohki – which was so good plus there is great shopping here as well. Then we dropped some off at the market and back to the hotel where we would enjoy dinner later on after a rest.

DSC01510 – 1675