Incredible Northern India Tour
February 19 – March 2, 2016


February 23nd, 2016

Our visit to the Taj Mahal, Pietra Dura demonstration and Embroidery Museum and Agra Fort. It was up early to catch the sunrise over the hotel, take a few more photos of the outside area, have breakfast and then off to visit the immortal Taj Mahal. I never tire of seeing it and each time it is different…because of the light it casts. This time there was renovation work going on but only the photos suffered for it, the idea of walking on it, in it and standing close enough to see the marks made by expert craftsmen and semi-precious stones so expertly placed takes your breath away. Many people already here but the place is huge and can take a lot. I loved watching them come from all over India and beyond, dressed in their traditional clothing and many with no shoes. I could have sat there and just taken photos of the many sari’s glistening in gold and silver walking by me but it was the other outfits that equally interested me as well…where were they coming from? Then after lunch and a visit to learn a bit more about Pietra Dura we visited a jewel shop and museum that I could not wait to share with the group. A very special museum containing works done by Padmashri Shams. Sure you might see three dimensional embroidery in other places but you will never see these pieces as they are his and priceless. It was an honour to witness these exquisite works of art again. The group then got to see some of the jewels the Mughals once owned. I loved the elephants too and wished I could have brought one home with me. Then a visit to Agra Fort that still to this day sits in memory looking towards the Taj Mahal and the final resting place of two who loved beyond time.

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