Incredible Northern India Tour
February 19 – March 2, 2016


February 22nd, 2016

Humayun’s Tomb and then we were off to Agra! This is a great introduction to the Taj and it was kind the precursor to it in many respects. We loved walking around here in the early morning, hardly a soul…just us and the birds. Hard to believe any monument in India would be this quiet, but it was early in the morning. Lucky us, a time to just be and enjoy this huge testament to love. It was the first building to use red sandstone and white marble in such quantities. I have walked the whole area now at least three times and love to smell the flowers of the lime trees that are in one corner of the garden. The fruit planted here was to be enjoyed by royalty when they came to visit. Sunshine beaming through the morning haze, shadows casting interesting shapes and forms, water running down channels for the birds to bathe in, beautiful old trees given room to grow. On our lunch stop we had to chance to see the remnants of a wedding the night before…garlands of flowers strung at the entrance to the reception pavilion.

The remaining photos are of our hotel…

DSC00959 – 1043