Incredible Northern India Tour
February 19 – March 2, 2016


February 29th, 2016

On the road to Udaipur and arrival to hotel. As you can see the roads were lively again this morning on our way to Udaipur. They call these chestnut horn cattle and some horns are painted. They also love to eat cardboard. The road changes for us as we climb along hills. It’s very dry as well and the rain is welcome for so many crops, fruit trees and other vegetation. Many stone walls have been built – these are small farm plots. We stop to take photos of ladies washing and men sitting. The water is brought up with the help of the cattle. You see lots of these along the way and others that are used for grinding wheat and other grains. Our lunch stop brings some flowers and a very handsome turtle…then it’s time for a glass of wine as we wind our way down to Udaipur. Another stop to take phots of fox bats hanging in trees just by the road. Finally we are at our last hotel and it is so welcome for many reasons. The view itself is stunning and sitting on top of a hill with no noises except the owner of the hotels dogs (they also own City Palace) and a few peacocks it is glorious. Time stands still for us now, we enjoy afternoon tea and welcome rest until tomorrow. I have included many photos of the hotel because it is full of history and charm. The valley surrounding it is full of growing plots and it is interesting as they do not use the big sprinklers you normally see, they flood each area with large hoses. Sunset over Udaipur and the City Palace.

DSC01976 – 2187