Press Familiarization Trip to Abu Dhabi and India
Sponsored and hosted by

Etihad Airways, and India Tourism Toronto
Nov 17 – Dec 01, 2006

November 29th was another busy day with a trip to Kancheepuram and on the way we stopped at the Rajiv Gandhi memorial then visits to Ekambara Eswara Temple, built around 6 AD and the Kailashanatha Temple built in the 8th century. A quick stop for lunch and then a visit to a silk weaving factory. Everyone went crazy in the factory. The pictures show some beautiful materials and I think just about everyone got something here. Onward to Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram and the incredible Unesco monument here. I guess this rock has been in this position for a million years. What a sight it was and kind of surreal to sit under this rock – something I won’t forget. This area is quite special as it was basically where they learned to make sculptures. Then back to our hotel for our dinner and sleep.

The next morning we did some sightseeing around Chennai that included the Kapaleeswarar Temple. The stands outside the entrance were full of trinkets, offerings and all kinds of things. Then we visited the International Shrine of St. Thomas Basilica. There are only three churches in the world that are built over the tombs of an apostle – Santiago de Compostela St. James in Portugal, St. Peters Basilica in Rome and this one. A wonderful ending to an incredible journey.

A very special thank you to Janet at Etihad Airways…you put a great tour together and wasn’t it just a blast! Dalia with Etihad – thanks for getting us all sorted out and set up. It was so worth it.

I.R.V.RAO, Information Officer with Indiatourism Toronto for organizing a great trip and introducing us to your Incredible India!
Thank you to Indian Airlines – we all agreed – flying with you was great and what a surprise to get such great meals (airline companies in Canada could learn a thing or two from your service)








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