Press Familiarization Trip to Abu Dhabi and India
Sponsored and hosted by

Etihad Airways, and India Tourism Toronto
Nov 17 – Dec 01, 2006

Monday the 20th saw us boarding Etihad for the short flight to Mumbai. We landed and were greeted at the airport by Indiatourism, taken to our hotel to get settled in and then it was dinner and bed. Most of us had what was called a sizzler dish. It arrived at the tables steaming hot and was delicious. In the morning off we went for our tour of some of the highlights. Every country has a different name for their little people carriers. Here they are called auto rickshaws and boy do they move fast. There are wagons loaded with fruits and vegetables going up and down most streets. There is such beauty here and such really was quite overwhelming. Most of the people have a ready smile for you and love to get their pictures taken so they can see themselves in your digital camera screen. The first stop was to a huge washing area where men wash clothes. Quite colourful and very organized. Then to Mani Bhavan, the residence of Mahatma Gandi where he used to stay and now a memorial as well as a museum. There are over 20,000 reference books here as well as personal items that belonged to him. His room is on display. We next visited Jain Temple, built in marble in 1905, then a garden known as the Hanging Gardens because they are built on the top of a reservoir and fall down around it. It is more of a strolling garden and there are a lot of topiary animals to enjoy. Then we had a lovely lunch at the top of a revolving restaurant, some further sightseeing and then back to the hotel to have dinner and pack up for the next two night stay.






  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row