Hong Kong - Live It, Love It Fam Tour
September 27 - October 4th, 2004

October 2
After breakfast we boarded our coach to head to Lantau Island. On the way we stopped at the base of one of the new Tsing Ma Bridge to see how it was constructed and to get an idea of just how huge a job this was.this is the worlds longest road and rail suspension bridge.then a short walk on Cheung Sha Beach, the longest beach in Hong Kong (where I picked up a tiny bag of sand to bring home with me) then to Tai O fishing village.a most wonderful little village retaining its old fashioned way of life. I bought an authentic wicker hat here as they were so unique to the area. Some of the villagers live in houses built on stilts (but don't think they are roughing it as many had all of the modern conveniences) and it was also here that I finally found the flower that belongs to those leaves I had photographed earlier.the District flower 'Golden Bauhinia' From there we went a bit further to the Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery to see the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha. We also enjoyed a vegetarian lunch prepared by the monks and I really did climb all the way up those stairs to the top!
On the way back to our hotel, I just had to take this picture of an apartment building..it was so big it was mind boggling, but there were many like it.
Our hotel was the scene of a couple of weddings while we were there and I took pictures of the cars decked out.loved the one with the teddy bears as I collect them.





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