Grenada – The Spice of the Caribbean
November 2-10th, 2005

November 9th, our last full day here and we all were of two minds…we were bagged from all the running around but then we were also so appreciative of having the chance to come here and see Grenada…what a beautiful place to live and garden. We travel to La Sagesse Nature Center for a wonderful breakfast of spiced up pancakes and wonderful nutmeg coffee and those of us that didn’t go on the nature walk earlier just sat around and enjoyed the beach. I chose this time to walk around and take yet more pictures of flowers…They also cast a huge net out that morning and pulled it in while we were there so we could see some fish…

We then set off to the Belair Plantation Villas for site inspection and lunch. Here again, a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy your holiday. They have some gorgeous rooms to settle into and those beds were sure looking inviting. That fish screen was at the entrance to the restaurant and was indeed unique. Our last visit of the trip was to the Westerhall Estate Rum Distillery, the third oldest distillery in Grenada, owned by the Williams family. This 70 acre estate produces sugar cane, cocoa, citrus, bananas, and rum.

We head back to our hotel to get ready for our sunset cocktail reception at the Aquarium Restaurant with entertainment and dinner to follow. Now I should say that they brought these beautiful young women in just for the fellows on our tour. I think there were three women and about 3 or 4 times that in men in our group….but they were lovely to look at and could they dance! We truly had a wonderful evening as you can probably tell by the photographs. We all came home with a tan, with wonderful memories and I hope a whole lot of new possibilities for promoting Grenada to the world. I know that between the three groups of us, we tasted all that Grenada had to offer, except perhaps more time for sleep! Thank you Cathy and Judy – I know you were run ragged with the lot of us, but I think you also loved it and missed us afterwards. Anne from Caribbean Horizons for looking after us so well… All of the others who so graciously gave of their time to make sure we saw as much as we could, met as many people as we could, ate as much as we could and most of all enjoyed our time with you as much as we could…thank you!






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