Grenada – The Spice of the Caribbean
November 2-10th, 2005

November 5th, was another early morning, but I did take a picture of the Grand Anse Beach from my balcony before leaving…we started off by going to the Flamboyant Hotel for breakfast and site inspection, then it was to St. George’s market. Lots of fruit, spices and vegetables here. Our guide explained the different ones to us that we didn’t recognize and told us how they would be used. Then we made a visit to the Yellow Poui Art Gallery and met with members of the Grenada Art’s Council, then we all met back at Roger’s Restaurant in Clarkes Court Bay for lunch, which by the way, was being prepared by some of our group – as seen in the photographs. They were shaving plantains to make chips and they were great. They had the help of Chef Roger, just to make sure we would all live to talk about it later. It was fun, filling and it was good! After this we headed off for a couple more site inspections of hotels - Calabash Hotel and Spice Island Beach Resort. I think it was agreed that these were two lovely places to stay while in Grenada. Back to our hotel, where some of the local artisans had set up tables around the pool for us to see their products…everyone was thrilled with this as it gave us the opportunity to buy hand made jewellery, wooden bowls, spices, hand painted t shirts, artwork – and it was appreciated because we really didn’t have any other time to shop!

Then off to the Beachhouse restaurant for dinner and back to our rooms…because tomorrow our garden group was in for a treat…






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