Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
Gardens of South East England
Designed for Garden Writers Association June 27-July 6th, 2004



June 28
You see us standing out in front of the London hotel, then our coach driver and Anne Marie standing in front of our coach for the whole tour. Michael, our driver was the best! We were very lucky to have him, and I think he enjoyed being with us.AND he was a great singer and joke teller as well!
Did you notice on the window of the coach our Canadian flag. a nice touch.

We start with the garden of Beth Chatto. As you can tell, the weather was incredible. Just before leaving her garden she came to our coach and gave us a very nice introduction on the garden. We then headed to the village of Dedham, where you will notice I took another picture of a car.ah, but what a pretty car!

We then visited the garden of Alex Pankhurst who had a wonderful garden full of colour and contrast. She had just published a new book, so of course when our group heard of this, it took an extra bit of time, to get the books and have them signed by her. Already behind schedule and the tour has just begun! J Books from Alex Pankhurst 'Who Does Your Garden Grow' and 'Scoffing the Primroses'

Our next visit of this day was to the Place For Plants. Of special note was the arboretum with its many varieties of trees and shrubs that kept Larry busy clicking and whispering away into his recorder. I found two trees that had the most beautiful bark. The walled garden contains the garden center.
Rupert Healy met us and toured us around. He is the grandson of the original owner.

Next stop was a short visit to Flatford Mill and Constable Country. It starts with the wonderful little thatched roof cottage which is the building housing the history of Constable and where that pictures hangs of him. A beautiful area and you can see why Constable was so enthralled with it and painted a lot of the local scenery.

We arrived at our hotel in Ipswich, had dinner then had a short presentation by Lindsay Want from the East of England Tourist Board.




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