Garden Writers
Amsterdam Belgium 2006
July, 2006

This tour was a bit different in that it was put together with a focus on garden centers, breeders and then gardens. We had a wonderful group on this tour and along with many friends of mine, we made some new ones! I arrived in a day early with a friend and good thing because they lost my luggage on this trip. I have been very fortunate and had my luggage arrive with me just about on every trip I take but a tour is another thing. It was supposed to arrive the next day so we just made do and went out to explore. We did some walking around in Amsterdam then decided to take the canal boat ride. It was a lovely boat ride. I had been to Amsterdam before and it was good to be back, riding in a boat on the canals…the next morning, the day the tour officially started, I found out that my bag was not on the plane coming from Toronto so this day we spent shopping. I had to have something clean to wear for tonight’s welcome dinner. So after spending what seemed like hours finding something appropriate to wear we made it back to our hotel only to find out that the bag was indeed on the plane arriving and that I would get it at 6 p.m. Great! Only thing was that dinner was at 7 p.m. and I had all my gifts for them to get ready. Did I move fast and thanks to Wendy I was ready with gifts at their place settings by 7 p.m. Welcome to the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre and the tour!







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  • Kids Garden
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