GWA Annual Symposium
Valley Forge, PA .
August 25-28, 2006

August 28th was another busy day. Before boarding the buses for tours we had breakfast with the people from Vigoro. Vigoro has manufactured quality lawn and garden products since 1924. Known for its innovative products, Vigoro’s lineup includes fertilizer, plant food, decorative rock, soil, mulch, grass seed, garden tools and garden carts.

Then at 7:30 in the morning we set off on our story tours. Our first visit was to visit Frog Hollow, an outstanding garden with meticulously groomed and labeled plants, imaginatively arranged among whimsical ornaments, inviting seating areas for conversation or contemplation, plus other pleasant surprises. Included are an herbal knot garden; a gazebo; a pavilion; a sun-dial collection; an award winning three-level conservatory; a desert garden; a dovecote; a “pushing the zone” garden; and at least seven unique water features. Next was a visit to Fox Hollow, a garden built on sheer energy, resourcefulness and “glorious piles of manure from a neighbor’s horses.” Inta Krombolz builds graceful organic sculptures from nasty ol’ machine parts, serving as unique garden enhancements — functional archways, tuteurs, bird feeders, even defensive cage-like structures to foil marauding deer. Our last stop was Ashland Hollow, a 17 acre stroll garden. By walking the circuit path through the garden, you experience both the changing landforms of the west – east stream valley and different seasonal horticultural experiences based on a palette of more than 1,000 varieties. Special features included an 1850s springhouse, a pond garden, and grape arbor; four foot square-system vegetable garden; tree wisteria; and surprise statues.

Then back to the hotel for more sessions…and time to get ready for our Chanticleer Garden Tours & Awards Dinner. We enjoyed a self-guided tour of the exquisite garden called Chanticleer...A Pleasure Garden. As we strolled there were different dinner stations throughout the garden with desert and coffee served in a big tent where the Awards Presentation took place. Chanticleer is a 35-acre pleasure garden on Philadelphia’s Main Line, devoted to cutting edge, esthetically pleasing garden designs. Chanticleer’s courtyards are famous for their extravagant containers of tropical plants which reach their peak in late summer. Borders, screes, and woodlands are filled with herbaceous perennials and hardy woodies. Vines grow in nooks and crannies, trailing and twining. The landscape features many mature trees, thousands of spring bulbs, orchards of flowering trees, and countless rare and common native wildflowers in the woods.







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