Caribbean Princess
January 17 – 24, 2016


January 21 Belize
We had to tender in to Belize and while I thought it would be a problem with over 3000 guests on the ship, it went really well. In fact I was off at 8:30 while Tom was still waiting for his 9 a.m. excursion for diving. They picked his group up right from the ship which was great. He didn’t have the 20 minute ride in to the pier to deal with. It was really super though, and once on land I checked out the shops before taking a few photos…poor Belize. It has been hit with so many mega storms and hurricanes but yet the people are so full of hope and generosity and everyone has a smile and is happy to have tourists visit them. They struggle on to rebuild and what is left is history now…beautiful old homes built in the 1800’s stand proud and tall against the sea. Wonderful old wooden water holders were beside some of these old homes. It is a shame that we don’t have more time here to discover the real Belize. While Tom was out diving I did manage to sit at an outside bar and enjoy one of their local beers.

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