Royal Caribbean Cruise – 2015
Brilliance of the Seas
Back to Back Cruises
January 26-31 and January 31-February 5


February 1 – in port - Key West
This was our first time here and was it fun…the only downside was that because there were other ships in we had to park in the Naval Yard so had to be ‘escorted’ out. It meant that we could not get off and on the ship closer to the center and had to take a little train affair. It was ok though because walking around was super fun….so much to see.

February 2 – cruising

February 3 – Cozumel
Tom went diving again while I went back into town to gather up some things I wanted and didn’t get the first time. Blanc du Nil is a great place to pick up cotton shirts, shorts and other items for the whole family and the prices were really good. Got to see the Disney ship as well. My new drink it called a Flirtini…very good. This evening the entertainment was a group who looked just like the Beatles and wow could they sing. Many were up on their feet dancing along…great fun.