Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Recap - Vision of the Seas
March 15 – 22nd, 2014

March 19, 2014

Such a slow slow journey to Aruba…we are scheduled to arrive at 8 a.m. I can see many ships just outside Aruba now at 7 a.m. They are all waiting for loading or unloading cargo, fuel or whatever. The sun is bright already so it looks like it will be another beautiful sunny day. I have ordered room service for breakfast so we will see what that is like. I don’t plan on leaving until later in the morning as I have been here many times now. I will let all the excursions leave then the others before walking off the ship to explore. We are approaching the pier now and the engines have cut down even further, the pilot boat is coming to meet us and take us in….we are here at 7:45 and will be all settled in by 8.

I am off the ship around 9:30 after having a very nice breakfast sitting on my balcony watching everyone get off the ship and head to their excursions
Or just head out on their own. Aruba is a small island and Oranjestad is compact for the tourist area and easy to get around. The ship docks just a block or so away from the main strip and from there most people head right past the hawker stalls continuing on to either walk to a beach close by or in one block to a lot more shops. The new trams are here – there are four of them – and they go up and down the main shopping street for free. Jump on one to experience it. Look for the orange one as a tribute to the Dutch Royal House of Oranje, the city’s namesake. There are so many jewelry shops here it will boggle your mind. Casinos too and a few bars just in case you need a cold one to keep you going. There are two main markets here to visit for souvenirs. One just on the main street from the ship and the other just across the street from that corner…if you are not into this type of thing don’t worry as there are many higher end shops to visit too! It does not matter which store you visit, you will receive a warm welcome just for coming through the door.

Some shopping, walking, iguanas, photos and back to the ship to take a nap. Tomorrow in Bonaire and off to see some flamingos and salt flats.



  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row