China Peony Festival Tour 2015
April 10th - 23rd, 2015


April 20
We visit a Silk Factory to learn how it is made and to perhaps make some purchases…this city is THE place to buy silk!

Garden of the Master of Nets - a garden designed for harmony and tranquility during the Song Dynasty. This garden is reputed to be the
most well-preserved in Suzhou and should not be missed. It has three distinct sections. The buildings afford you access to any part of the
garden from each of their rooms. This type of garden was built for relaxation and to entertain guests. Today the Master-of-Nets Garden has 22 buildings, 2 doors with richly carved earthen ornamentation,15 plateaux, 9 parallel couplets,15 brick and stone carvings, 32 stelae, and 8 rare species of old trees.

Lion Forest (Grove) Garden – Built in 1342. Richly ornamented and ancient classical style with a very unique and rare Labyrinthine Rockery.
Valuable old trees such as ginkgo biloba. Pavilion for Greeting the Plum Blossoms (Wenmei ge) was a place where painters and poets were invited. In addition to the plum trees around the pavilion, all the furniture and utensils inside are decorated or carved with beautiful plum blossom designs. The garden occupies a very important place in history, representing the diversity of cultural and architectural development in Suzhou over the years. A UNESCO site.

And finish off the day with a Suzhou grand canal ride the world's oldest and longest waterway, to see the local people's life in classical South-China style.

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