Canada Blooms
2004 will have the latest on the 2004 show and bring you news of the 2005 show as soon as they have it ready to go.

Sunday morning was a treat, I had booked myself to come home on a 5 pm flight – which was weird because I usually come home on the earlier flight, but I used this time to visit the Diana, a celebration exhibit at the Design Exchange. Now if you have been putting this off, don’t any longer. It is only here until the 11th of April and this is the only place in North America that you will see it! Going from childhood to Althorp – it is truly a moving exhibit.

Now, remember me speaking about the weather earlier? Well, Sunday when I left for the airport, it was dumping heavy white stuff…everyone walking by looked shocked by it all. You just never know about the weather at this time of year, but one thing you know for sure…it doesn’t last long!

Perhaps I will see you here next year?


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