Canada Blooms 
March 2003
'A Symphony of Gardens'

It’s always nice to see the first flower show of the season, wherever it may be, because at this time of year we are aching for something green, growing and sweet smelling.

The Garden Club of Toronto was formed in 1946 with a mission to stimulate a knowledge and love of gardening among amateurs, to aid in the protection of native plants, trees, birds and soil and to take an interest in civic planning. Today it’s membership includes 262 active and 155 sustaining members.

The Garden Club has raised over 3.5 million dollars for gardens enjoyed by the citizens of Toronto. The latest project is the entrance garden at the Civic Garden Centre at Edwards Gardens in Toronto. Landscape Ontario will support the Halton Millennium Garden, Gardens of Fanshawe College, Sunnidale Park and Communities in Bloom.

Canada Blooms: The Toronto Flower and Garden Show is a not for profit, volunteer driven event produced by the Garden Club of Toronto and Landscape Ontario. The event depends on volunteers to plan and also to ensure the show runs smoothly for its visitors. Every one of the volunteers that I saw was friendly and very helpful to the many thousands of visitors that passed through the doors.

I have been to a few major garden shows in North America - Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle and what has impressed me with Canada Blooms is the quantity of speakers. They included demonstrations, seminars, lectures and workshops. I did not see that at the other shows. The other shows had larger garden displays though with Philly being my favourite for quantity and variety of display gardens.

Having said that, I must remember that each area is unique in its growing conditions and what displays well in each area is determined by what they can grow. Also, each one of these shows is a tremendous amount of work and co-ordination, especially when you are using volunteers. Plus, we all have a personal opinion don’t we. That is what gardening is about. How sad it would be if everything was the same everywhere we went. Then we would learn nothing new!

Even with these pictures I have taken, you will probably say to yourself, ‘why would she take that?’ But this is my personal choice as to what I enjoyed and I hope you see something in it that you enjoy as well. This year it centered around music with many displays playing various pieces. There were 30 display gardens using the inspiration of new plants and the hottest trends to blend through out. was also the sponsor of the Garden Writers Luncheon that was held at Canada Blooms and what that a treat! 33 of us got together to chat, network and enjoy lunch together before heading out to our various stops at Canada Blooms. It was great to have a room right there so we didn't have to travel far and for that we thank Canada Blooms! I met a lot of writers on our site who I hadn’t even seen before, yet knew as friends already….a great time was enjoyed by all.

I have included shots of gardens, floral displays, and new to me - miniature gardens. What I always find at this show is lack of good again these are a bit dark. The fellow with the red glasses is Roger Phillips. He was a joy to chat with and gave me some new ideas for gardens in the London area...

I know I was told that the show would be moving up in date for next year, but I have forgotten what the dates were going to be...will have this when I find out. I was also told at this show that Calling All Gardeners was cancelled...another blow to the gardeners who enjoyed watching this program.

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