Spring in Bulgaria 2013
Trip Recap May 25th – June 1st, 2013

June 1st  I slept in, and it felt good to awake refreshed, especially since the sun was shining – another lovely day. I was leaving today to fly back to London to overnight then take a very early flight home. I enjoyed breakfast in the Arena di Serdica hotel and knew for sure that this would be the hotel to spend our last days when I put the tour together…perfect.

Bulgaria surprised me, it made me think about how young a country Canada was in comparison and how it must have been very hard to find their identity because of so many other influences…the Thracians, Greeks and Romans all left their mark, then Ottoman rule for nearly 5 centuries, then the Russo-Turkish war, then they were a socialist state, then a communist and finally democracy. Wow, hard to get your head around that and come up knowing who you are. They are creating their own identity though with the help of their history and I cannot help but think of what this country would look like if all the interlopers had left their buildings, churches and temples standing. What a treasure trove this would be. Secret rituals that we shall never know about, artifacts destroyed or buried in fields until the shift of time brings them up to the surface, temples so glorious that we shall never see. What they do have left is certainly worth seeing if just to give us a glimpse of what might have been. Many traders and merchants have left their mark and it is wonderful to see how they lived..imagine having rose water flowing from a font in your dining room, just to sweeten the air…what else did they do that we don’t know about…

After the communists left they were given their properties back but they had to adapt to freedom again.

You will find that a lot of Bulgarians speak English but if you nod your head as for ‘yes’ then you are really saying ‘no’ Shaking your head means yes…just the reverse of what we do and quite cute to watch…they are used to it though and it is much easier just to speak the words. Oh, and the feta cheese is fantastic. It even has a protected designation of origin because it is the biodiversity of the land along with the special breeds of sheep and goats milk that gives this cheese its specific aroma and taste.
I cannot imagine a world without flowers or plants and trees in it…the more I travel the more I see that people value these too. They may not be as perfect as an English garden but each country has a soul to share. Flowers capture everything that is beautiful and sorrowful in our lives and we become equal when this happens. To see how a person plants their vegetable garden, what they grow for flowers, the styles of gardening they use, the parks and green spaces and how they are used all show us the soul of that country.




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