Spring in Bulgaria 2013
Trip Recap May 25th – June 1st, 2013

May 29th We start our day with a walking tour of Plovdiv, seeing some beautiful architecture that was done by wealthy merchants from many parts of the world. In and out of a few buildings, including one church called St. Constantine & St. Helena Orthodox Church. We stepped inside to see the murals and icons and in came a priest. He came up to a young woman who had requested prayers for her child who was sick, my guide told me. She had brought some socks with her that belonged to the child. If they are too sick to come, this will do or anything else that belongs to the sick person. The priest said some words and then began singing a prayer…it was sad and lovely at the same time. You could not help but feel for the mother as we stood in silence.

We stop at the art gallery, museum and restaurant Philippopolis for what I hear is supposed to be the best apple pie around…well, it is really half a huge tart, with pastry that melts in your mouth (kind of like shortbread) and an apple filling that has something else in it – wow, was it good…then add cream anglaise and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and all washed down with a great cappuccino and you are rested and ready to carry on…we will have our tour lunch here so you can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, eat and then visit the gallery. It is mostly a private collection and is in a home turned gallery. Such an eclectic appreciation of art and the furniture is beautiful. Just look at the ceilings…each one different and so beautiful.

Plovdiv is a town of artists…famous masters from the Renaissance, after the Liberation and the most important contemporary Bulgarian artists and creators of the school of Plovdiv in the 60’s have all lived and created here. We come to a beautiful pedestrian walkway and at the end of it is another ancient stadium from the 2nd century..it jolts you to see this in the middle of today. It is wonderful that they preserved it and made it part of today. It once seated 30,000 spectators! Just take a look at the old wall remains and just how thick it was. Djoumaya Mosque is surrounded by roses and has the most marvelous sundial given as a gift from a Russian officer.
Our last stop of the day was to a garden center that specialized in palms, but there was a whole lot more there that you can see from the photos.

I wanted to check out another hotel while in Plovdiv and while there walked across the pedestrian way to the park. This is a lovely park full of life and plants. One of the statues I liked most because it was covered in flowers and he had a bird on his shoulder was that of Lucien Schevalas. He was the designer of Tsar Simeon’s garden, Chief gardener he city of Plovdiv, Court Gardener of Emperor Napoleon III, and called the Minister of Flowers…how cool was that! He lived from 1840 – 1921. Who could not be happy strolling through this beautiful garden. It may not be filled with flowers but the colours of green are so restful and the trees so magnificent, who needs flowers!



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