Spring in Bulgaria 2013
Trip Recap May 25th – June 1st, 2013

May 27th I am up early, as the sun clears off the fog in the valley that my room faces I begin to see the Yantra river, a monument and a theater where I see a group of seven people doing Tai Chi…amazing view they have. We depart for Balchik this morning and again another day of beauty as we enjoy the countryside. There are salt mines around here although I never saw any and also many raised tombs dot the country…16,000 in total still laying here and there but all placed according to the constellation, enclosing who? And what might they also have in them besides (usually) cremated remains. Beautiful landscape with fields of corn and wheat and sunflowers. This is a huge green belt with soil rich and down almost 1.5 meters. This is also a great wine growing area and there are three golf courses to enjoy. You will also find some of the tombs from the Whirling Dervishes here.

Our first visit is to the Botanic Garden and former summer palace of the Romanian Queen Maria Alexandrina Victoria De Edinburgh. Constructed in 1924 it is an unusual building but it was the style in those days…I loved the chair and table down by the beach that she would sit at to view the water. She loved it here and spent as much time as she could…she hated when official duties her away as she wanted to see the first and last blossom of the year, every year. She was quite the lady…a beautiful lady who loved to take baths outside in a pool filled with donkey milk…she was a friend to Hemmingway and countless others. The botanical garden is situated within the borders of the residence and it is a jewel…a glorious jewel, filled with so many gems that will please and delight you. There are gems that include one of the largest collections of cactus and succulents, and the trees. We will visit this on tour, as well as have a couple of wine tastings right here of different wines, enjoy a lunch down by the water to take your breath away and the best part is that our hotel is steps away, again on the beach, from all this beauty so you can walk back to the rose garden and inhale to your hearts delight.

In the nursery area there are over 3500 species of plants and many that are endangered. One of the young volunteers took us around for the first bit and you could see she was passionate about being here. The gardens as they say are ‘an oasis, surrounded by walls, with an Eastern and mysterious look, with labyrinths of trees, cross roads of stone paths. An enchanted, fascinating world in the middle of reality’.

We continued on to Varna from here and made a stop at a most impressive garden center. It was so clean and tidy and so filled with everything a gardener loves to see that I am sure you will find something you just have to take home as another memory of Bulgaria.

On to the Old Town of Nessebar with its beautiful ancient architecture – our hotel is going to be right in the old town so you can experience what it might have been like living among all this history. It is a sea side town and the beauty of that alone is worth the stay but walking around you will discover many cafes and shops nestled in or along ancient ruins and buildings.



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