Spring in Bulgaria 2013
Trip Recap May 25th – June 1st, 2013

May 26th  Before leaving for Veliko Tarnovo we stopped at a delightful flower market…they all arrive here with cars and vans laden with cut flowers, bouquets and annuals in pots, set them up and continue to make bouquets as needed. This colourful market was already quite busy – vendors chatting with customers, eating these huge pastries filled with feta cheese or other fillings and making bouquets…a cheery start to the day. Then we started our walking tour of beautiful Sofia, including 3 small churches, roman ruins, the beautiful threatre and fountains – look at the vertical plantings around the pond. An office building that had wonderful vertical walls and an outside garden – but since it was Saturday, it was closed to view outside.
On the highway we passed so many wildflowers in bloom, it was hard not to stop every 5 minutes…but I did manage to get a few photos of these beautiful fields, meadows and sides of the roadway along our journey. Many tunnels as well along our way plus the landscape – it was incredible!

Shall I tell you what we saw growing in the fields along the way? Cherry, apple, plum, apricot, quince, fig, pear, peach and kiwi. Blackberry, strawberry, blueberries and raspberries. Thankfully gmo is banned here and there are many organic growers now, growing, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, zuchinni, artichokes and sugar beets. Most farmers find electricity too expensive so grow a lot of these under plastic covers. When winter comes along they get their veg like tomato and cucumbers from Turkey. As a side note Professor Hristo Daskalov in 1932 released the first F1 hybrid tomato in the world - ‘Saria x Komet’ and Bulgaria’s consumption of fresh vegetables is around 200 kgs per person! They do love their vegetables…

Once in Veliko Tarnovo we got settled into our rooms then went for a walk before dinner. This is such a wonderful place, our hotel right in the old center and much to see, although we were a bit late for most of the shops there were some open so I expect on the tour we will all get plenty of time to investigate further. Wonderful pottery shops and you must visit this lady who does the t shirts and glasses – she is so sweet and does it all by herself in her little shop. Then a lady who makes a dough on a very hot machine…bundles the dough up after cooking then people buy it, take it home and make deserts with it. Finally I met this fellow who has been making copper pots forever, he is shown here holding the one I bought. Then off to dinner at this very posh resto. It was converted into this restaurant, art gallery and winery…what a treat you are in for here as you can tell by some of the dishes we enjoyed. The building was first built as a hotel for merchants but it was abandoned.



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