Spain Trip Recap
November 11th – 20th, 2014
Bella España – Beautiful Spain!


November 14th

I leave early to go to the train station to take the AVE high speed train to Sevilla…what a wonderful experience that was…a short 45 minutes and all your eyes could see were orange dots on orange trees. It was amazing. Beautiful countryside. Now in Sevilla my guide meets me to show me the Botanic Garden which not large but packed then on to the Alcazar and its gardens. In the garden there is a koi pond and as you can see there were many. The Gardens of the Alcazar in Sevilla are beautiful. It is a UNESCO site. As you walk around inside you cannot help but see the work of hundreds of people over centuries who have left their mark here. Take for instance the tile work ..just look at the intricacy of detailing to cut all those pieces so they fit perfectly...just incredible.

Afterwards I left my guide to do some sightseeing of my own. Sevilla is just the most wonderful city to walk around in. I had a map and sometimes you just have to follow your instincts as to where you are..let yourself go and you will discover all sorts of exciting things just walking. I had two nights here so I made the most of it.

While in Sevilla I enjoyed Afternoon Tea at the Alfonso XIII Hotel. Constructed by command of King Alfonso XIII of Spain to house VIP guests at the Iber-American Exposition in 1928, the hotel has, for over 85 years, been the place to stay for royalty, heads of state and those keen to share in its aura of history and glamour.

Today its distinctive Mudéjar-style architecture of sweeping arches, decorative brickwork, wrought-iron, ornamental towers and glorious ceramic finials continue to charm guests and locals alike and cement its iconic status.

DSC05503 – 5595
DSCF6101 – 6110 and DSCF6124 – 6126