Spain Trip Recap
November 11th – 20th, 2014
Bella España – Beautiful Spain!


November 12th

The Alhambra in Granada is a huge place and the only garden we really visited was the Generalife Gardens. Take a look at the map and you can see what I mean. It was beautiful, even in November, but I know fully well how gorgeous the whole place will be in June so when the tour goes in June we are splitting this place up. Outside gardens during the day with a break to do something else – lunch and a gallery or? Then come back in the evening to see it when the lights are on and at that time we will do the inside viewing. This will be perfect. The name Generalife derives from the Arab word jennat, meaning "garden," "orchard," or "paradise."

One of many pleasure gardens, the Generalife is the only one remaining. The Generalife was originally a rustic villa type construction, surrounded by flowers and vegetable gardens and orchards, and a place of provisions for the Royal Family. It was the summer palace and country estate of Muhammad III. In the inner courtyard is the Patio de la Acequia (Courtyard of the Canal), famous for its long narrow canal edged with potted plants with jets of water that arch over it on each side. Its hillside site, its countless viewpoints, the interaction between pavilions and patios and glimpses of landscapes beyond, the cypresses carved into shadowy walls and archways, the reflecting pools, perfectly mastered jets of water, and the staircase where a stream of water gushes down the banisters make for a wonderful visit.

Carmen de los Martires, is a peaceful garden offering splendid views of the City. When the Moors were under attack in Granada it was a fortress where captured Christian soldiers were held prisoner in dungeons tunneled within the rocks. Once inside the garden, the only noise you will hear is the sound of the peacocks that strut around the grottoes, statues and an original bridge straddling the peaceful pond. The Carmen of the Martyrs is a romantic set of gardens, a successful blend of French and English styling. Designated an Artistic Garden, its last owner Cristina de la Cruz donated the Carmen de los Mártires to the City of Granada, after a miserable season in which the gardens nearly disappeared. A secret garden worth the time to visit.
The Rodriguez – Acosta Carmen is extraordinary, both in history and present day gardens. What makes it so appealing is the play of green against the building, stonework and sculpture. Oh, and the view, the view is to die for…and you must walk through some of the caves! They are not small nor are they dark….wait until you hear why they are there!

I had some free time after our visits so did some walking…such a city to wander in…

DSC05172 – 5245 and DSC05255 - 5304