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Cathy house in snow
My story is simple. My husband and I have had this house for a year and a half. It was previously owned by a bachelor who did not garden. Therefore, I had beautiful, well-rested soil to start my gardens with. My gardens include roses (11 varieties), lilies, jacob's ladder, shasta daisies, tulips, daffodils, primrose, lots of daylilies (36 varieties) and many other impluse buys. Annuals like pansies and petunias fill in between the perennials. I'm in my 20's and just love spending time in the garden. My neighbors tease me that it's my youthful exuberance that has me planting at the end of April and early May. They laughed when it snowed, but I had the last laugh, as I had been wise enough to plant only the frost tolerant annuals like petunias and pansies.
Cathy house in snow

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