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August 21 - September 2nd, 2009

We took a short 37km scenic drive to Bako village to board a boat to Bako National Park today for our visit to

Bako National Park

Known for variety and contrasts in its natural scenery, it has secluded coves, rocky headlands and sandstone cliffs.
The park also contains seven ecosystems ranging from mixed dipterocarp forests of the lowlands to desert-like scrub of the plateau, wildlife sighted are the proboscis monkey with its long pendulous nose in its natural habitat, the silver langur, variety of flora and fauna includes mangrove.

Have you ever seen a bearded pig before? I had not and had to take this picture. also this green snake that if you were not aware of, would scare you for sure! We were told he was there by the way....

We then had lunch at the Park and return to Jetty Bako Village by boat back to Kuching. It was a full day let me tell you. We did a lot of climbing and touring and were all just plain worn out and happy by the end of the day when we headed back to our boats.

We enjoyed some free time this evening after dinner at Magenta Restaurant
until our next day and the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. As you can see, the
meal again was beautiful...

August 28th

The Orang Utan, 'Wild Man of Borneo' are rehabilitated and eventually led to live freely in their natural surroundings. There are about 21 Orang Utans at the sanctuary and we saw 9 of them.


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