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August 21 - September 2nd, 2009

The pictures of the orchids on this page were from our trip yesterday to Poring…you will note the very, very special orchid. The park boasts at least 5 species of Slipper Orchids two of which are endangered including the Rothschild Slipper Orchid that is so precious and rare it is considered to be the ‘Gold of Kinabalu’ Paphiopedilum rothschildianum, described in 1888, is a species of slipper orchid commonly known as the King of the Paphs. It is a large sized clear-leafed plant. It blooms with a tall inflorescence with up to six, large flowers. It is unique in the Corypetalum group by holding its petals almost horizontally, giving the flower a very large appearance. Named after Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, an eminent Victorian orchid grower. Named after Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, an eminent Victorian orchid grower

The forests of Kinabalu are some of the richest in the world with an estimated 5,000 flowering plants, and this does not include in innumerable mosses, ferns and fungi. Wild orchids grow in abundance and range in size from pinhead to huge stems over 2m in length. The world’s largest pitcher plant can also be found in Kinabalu Park. The insect-eating Rajah Brooke’s Pitcher Plants have pitchers that can hold up to 3.5 liters of water! While nineteen species of the beautiful Begonia plants have been documented, with probably half the number endemic. The Begonia Chongii – a rare Begonia plant found on the west side of the mountain – is a recent discovery. It was named in honour of YAB Datuk Chong Kah Kiat, Sabah’s Chief Minister, in recognition of his enthusiastic support for the natural environment and protection of Sabah’s Parks.

You can see the beautiful Mount Kinabalu in the pictures as we were at the airport ready to leave for Kuching. I had been to Kuching before and loved it. In fact I can say that I love Malaysia, all of is a country full of discovery and this my third trip over, I was to discover more.

We checked into the Hilton Kuching Hotel and then took a city tour.


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