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August 21 - September 2nd, 2009

II spent the 20th travelling from Hong Kong to KL and then from there to Kota Kinabalu and arrived the morning of the 21st in time to meet the rest of the group arriving at the airport…from there we transferred to our hotel the Hyatt Regency and had leisure time until the next morning. A lovely hotel and with a balcony to enjoy, it was great. I sat there and watched all these boats and the promenade with people leisurely walking and enjoying the view as well.

August 22

Our visits included…

Sabah State Museum – built in the longhouse style of the Rungus and Murut tribes that kept a wealth of historical, tribal treasures and handicraft of the indigenous people. Highlights are exhibits of 6 life-size traditional houses of ethnic groups, Science centre, and art gallery. The main museum in KK is the Sabah State Museum located at old Palace Hill, nearby Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It is a unique complex built in 1985 with a museum, an ethno-botanic garden, a zoological garden and a heritage village – all in one place. Around the vicinity of the museum there is the Science and Technology Centre and Sabah Art. The main building is inspired and based on the architecture of Murut and Rungus longhouses. Here you will find a central exhibition hall and six galleries with a rich collection of tribal and historical artifacts, relating to the people of Borneo, but also human skulls from Sabah´s headhunting past. You can also find an exhibition about the petroleum industry, as well as a multivision theatre.

Then the

State Mosque- This state mosque is a masterpiece of architecture with its dove-grey walls and glittering majestic domes with gold inlay. A wonderful combination of Islamic architecture and contemporary design. It is centrally located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Raman. Up to 5000 worshippers can be inside at one time; the mosque has become a popular place for visitors from all over the world. During prayer time, even Muslim women can visit the mosque as a special balcony is built that can fit 500 persons.

If you are not a Muslim, avoid visiting the mosque on Fridays, as this is the day of prayer for Muslims. Never forget to respect the dress code when you are visiting a place of worship. Near the mosque is also Sabah's State Mausoleum.

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