England’s Finest Gardens & Chelsea Flower Show 2009
May 19th – 27th, 2009

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

This was our Leisure Day – I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum again. There is always something new here and this has to be one of the best Museums. Passed by a Patisserie and just had to take some pictures of the cakes. The pictures are dark, as I did not want to use the flash but you can see what they looked like. Then it was time to check out another Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I try and do these so I can tell people what they are like. We started out with a little palette cleanser then proceeded through the menu of sandwiches, muffins, scones and sweets. It was very nice but I have to tell you that the sweets really rang out with too much colour for me. I was also hoping to sit outside in the little garden they have but had to stick with being inside. Then it was quite a lot of walking afterwards because we were headed to yet another Afternoon Tea at the Ritz. To enjoy this you must make reservations a very long time in advance and you must dress for it. Ladies will not be admitted if they are wearing sandals and men must have wear a tie…but this is so worth it. The Ritz is where I would go if I wanted to enjoy a traditional tea for the first time. They are so classy here and if you want more they will replenish your tray. Again the pictures are dark because they do not allow flash to disturb the guests.

Victoria & Albert Museum Arts & Crafts Exhibit – you must see the Chihuly hanging
right above the information desk! http://www.vam.ac.uk/ 


  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row