Taiwan 2012
International Taipei Travel Fair
October 22nd - 28th, 2012

October 22nd – 28th, 2012

October 29th

I was to have a flight leaving at 8 a.m. We checked and all looked well then got to the airport and found out that my China Airlines Flight was cancelled. I then discovered that my flight from JFK to PTY was cancelled as well because of Sandy. To make a long story short, Taiwan Tourism Bureau in New York worked a miracle and I was able to take a late evening flight with China Airlines into LAX where I was originally going to go from JFK and then home. Not only that but the flight was non stop so that meant only and 11 ½ hour flight with plenty of time to make my other connection with United. Normally United might well have cancelled my whole ticket for not taking the JFK flight but there again I was lucky…they didn’t. So I made it home a few hours later than expected but I made it home. I was thrilled and have a huge load of thanks headed to Taiwan Tourism Bureau and Sasha who was woken up very early with this dilemma. She passed with flying colours. I also think that Kerry had a lot to do with this so my thanks to her.

If there is one country you should put on your list to visit, this is it. You will fall in love with it … The Heart of Asia!

Things to try while here:

Bubble Tea
Pineapple Cake
Mango Sundae
Taiwan oranges
Beef Noodle soup

Now I also want to talk about the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. I have been in many airports over the years and I cannot think of any that even come close to how beautiful this one is. Check in was a breeze, going through immigration was a breeze – now perhaps that had something to do with the fact that my flight was late at night – but it was pleasant and efficient. When you get to the secure area you will be amazed at just how cool this airport it. It’s not all about shopping although you will find some major posh shops here as well as tons of other shops but it’s the other things they have added that make this such a nice place to walk around in.

They have a beautiful brochure showing the layout of the airport in English. The airport is laid out in a very simple pattern – like a big ‘H’ with the gates at either the left side of the departure hall or the right side. The Departure Hall is where Immigration is – smack dab in the middle of the airport.

The brochure shows you where the special exhibits and galleries are and they are all worth walking too. I saw them all.

I loved the Taipei 101 Landscape set against a huge rock wall. It is a gorgeous building in real life and you should really read up on it to find out how it was built and why it looks the way it does … fascinating. Then there is the Taiwan Green Wall. They created this to tell everyone entering that it is our responsibility to ‘safeguard the beautiful earth’. These two pieces are huge, you cannot miss them. They also had an orchid gallery. Taiwan’s Phalaenopsis orchids are renowned the world over and are on display here for all to enjoy. There is an art gallery showcasing Taiwanese artists or designers, a beautiful prayer room, lovely relaxing rest areas, a children’s playground, a zen resting area with complimentary massage chairs, and other areas where I discovered beautiful old molds for making the famous cakes. I learned so much while walking around this airport and found I was not stressed with the waiting time at all because I was using that time to visit all these wonderful exhibits and displays. This airport is classy, sophisticated, clean as a whistle and bright and airy and offers something for everyone’s

I learned about the art of making those beautiful lotus flowers made of glass plus I saw some incredible pieces of glass work in the shops … I saw celadon tea cups – you can see them in the shop window – and they are mine now … those I have always wanted….

If you have to leave out of Gate 3 and have children you are in for a surprise because Gate 3 is Hello Kitty Gate. Adorable and they even have a Hello Kitty shop next to the Gate – just in case … there is even a Hello Kitty Nursery Room offering complimentary nursing supplies and information. I could not get over how many places we visited, like museums etc that offered Nursing Rooms for mothers …

Boarding flights here is so civilized ... no mobs of people waiting to ‘get to their seat first’, and I must say that I have never boarded a 747 so quickly and been looked after so well as with China Airlines … you ask for something and you have it with a smile. The flight attendants were wonderful and that really does make a difference to the enjoyment of a flight.



  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row