Taiwan 2012
International Taipei Travel Fair
October 22nd - 28th, 2012

October 22nd – 28th, 2012

October 26th, 2012
Was the official opening for the ITF show so we met with our guide to go over there to a special area set up for us so we could watch the opening ceremony and the dancing from three countries. Then we were free to enjoy the show until Noon then we met, went back to the hotel to change and off on our city tour.

Lunch was at a traditional Taiwanese Restaurant – delicious food. Then everyone decided that they wanted ice cream, and not just any but the best I hear in Taiwan … so down the street we walked to the sundae shop called Smoothie House and you can see what they got … so big that 8 of us shared it … Mango cultivated in Taiwan. Then a walk further down the same street had food markets, great clothes shopping, a bakery to die for except we were all too full!

Our next stop was to a beautiful old museum that was a private museum coffee shop. Full of mementos from time past. Posters filled the walled and the smell of coffee filled the room. The kitchen counter was faced with the most beautiful old floral tiles.

Then off to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial and was it huge … too bad it had scaffolding in front of it to hide some of the white marble walls and blue tile roof but you can get an idea of just how big the building was and also in this area was the National Theatre and National Concert Hall. Gardens and two ponds filled with carp surrounded it all. At the entrance a huge blue and white archway called Da Zhong Zhi Zheng. It was renamed Liberty Square in 2007. Built in the form of five doors, six pillars and eleven stories tall. It was very interesting to read about the history of him and his wife and the influence that she had. The Grand Hotel that you will see later on was something she wanted built for international guests.

Then off to the Lungshan Temple, a beautiful temple filled with people, incense and gifts of food and flowers. It had the most serene waterfall at the entrance called the Waterfall of Cleaning Your Heart. I was also able to get some photos of Osmanthus in bloom. These tiny flowers are extremely fragrant.

After this if was off to the Taipei Botanical Garden. This botanical garden was first built as a nursery in 1896 during the Japanese colonial period. It was later expanded and renamed the Taipei Botanical Garden in 1921 and was the very first in Taiwan. It contains the gardens of Gymnosperms, ferns, taxonomic, ethno, aquatic, lotus and Taiwan indigenous plants. It is one of the most important gardens for research and education. It also has a lovely herbarium and Museum. And finally a must needed foot massage…and off to the Grand Victoria Hotel for one night … this hotel was posh to say the least… they had a wedding reception going on when we arrived so it was a great opportunity to get some photos of the flowers.

Dinner was great too…ate at a very special restaurant that had tea leaves in all the dishes … What a subtle flavor tea imparts to food … never knew! Drank high mountain oolong tea as well…



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