Taiwan 2012
International Taipei Travel Fair
October 22nd - 28th, 2012

October 22nd – 28th, 2012

October 25th, 2012 We had a bit of free time in the morning before heading back to ITF for our afternoon of meetings. This was done so smartly for us and for that I am grateful. All buyers had their own tables with their names above them (you can see mine) We all had 15 minute meetings with suppliers who would come to us…it was fantastic! Usually I am running around with a map trying to find the booth I have to be at so this was so smart of them and saved us so much time and energy. This way we had time to speak to everyone who we were meeting with and even our breaks were filled with those passing by. The time went quickly and I sure accomplished much.

It was over at 5 p.m. then we got ready to go to the Food Market … totally full of people and booths selling everything! I tasted a few things like the ice fig jelly drink. You take the outside ‘fuzz’ off the fig and put it into a mesh bag and when put into water it makes a gelatin drink … very good. The fellow putting eggs into a little ‘muffin’ tin are quail eggs. They cook these up and put a dozen into a container, sprinkle with hot sauce and there you go. Those funny looking black things piled high on a wicker plate are nuts. They are boiled, then you hang on to each of the ends and pull apart and eat them…very tasty. Those pastries were filled with chicken and delicious. You could even get your fortune read …. the canaries do it all.



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